Whooper Swan

March 9

Headed up to the lower Flathead Valley this morning, to look for reported Glaucous-winged Gull and Lesser Black-backed Gull and to check out Church Slough after seeing a post from Dan Casey that the thaw had begun. The slough was hopping, with plenty of waterfowl present in the limited areas of open water. Highlights were Eurasian Wigeon, which occurs annually in small numbers, and Whooper Swan! Provenance on the Whooper Swan is impossible to prove in this area as apparently someone raises them and there were one or two escapees several years ago. Still a great bird to see. Dipped on the gulls, although I did add California to my year list. I’ll return Saturday for an evening stroll along the North shore of Flathead Lake for gulls and whatever else is around.

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