Harris's Sparrow

February 22

Harris’s and White-crowned Sparrows added for the year! A huge thank you to Cynthia and Barry Swidler for hosting me at their beautiful home outside of Missoula and for an excellent cup of coffee. I had contacted Cynthia to inquire about Harris’s Sparrows that had been frequenting their feeders and she gave me a call this morning. Without delay I headed over and within a few minutes a White-crowned Sparrow appeared followed a few minutes later by a Harris’s Sparrow, which lingered beneath the feeders, providing excellent views and photo opportunities.

We then headed over to check Kelly Island Fishing Access for Northern Saw-whet Owl. Although we didn’t find any it was pleasure to spend time with Cynthia and Barry and observe two Bald Eagles interacting above the Clark Fork River and Common and Barrow’s Goldeneyes navigating the ice-filled river.

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