Blackpoll Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler, 1 June 2022, Riverside Park, Missoula County

Thinking that the first of June would be a good off day to catch up on work for Five Valleys Audubon Society and update this blog, I was having a leisurely morning, until I clicked over to my email and saw an eBird rare bird alert. Blackpoll Warbler, found by Travis Brakefield, just 20 minutes from home!

I leapt up, threw on shoes, grabbed camera and bins and was out the door, heading straight to Riverside Park in Lolo. I headed straight to the river and glancing left saw Travis, who spotted me immediately and pointed to a lone willow by the river’s edge. “Right here!” he whispered loudly. I was on the bird in seconds and as you can see got some great photos. We hung out and chatted, watching the bird flit about and forage for about 20 minutes.

This afternoon we’re off to Glacier National Park for a Big Day tomorrow, beginning at midnight at Bowman Lake Campground and ending at midnight Saturday in Malta!

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