Life Birds 2022

13. Common Poorwill, 5 July 2022, Mount Helena City Park, Lewis and Clark County

A single individual, vocalizing at dusk. Going with this year’s informal motto, “All I need is one!”.

12. Whooping Crane, 2 July 2022, Freezout Lake WMA, Teton County

11. LeConte’s Sparrow, 17 June 2022, North Westby Road, Sheridan County

As with the Nelson’s Sparrow, no image for this bird, although 2 individuals were singing clearly along with 5 Baird’s Sparrows from an area of lush grass to the East of the road about a mile North of town. The dawn chorus there was absolutely stunning!

10. Chestnut-sided Warbler, 8 June 2022, Silverbow County

9. Nelson’s Sparrow, 28 May 2022, North Westby Road, Sheridan County
No image for this bird, as I had only a brief view of it before it dropped down into thick sedge. We were North of Westby, and had run into Sam Koenen and his son, who had just heard and seen a Sedge Wren, which Sam was kind enough to take us to. As we listened to the Sedge Wren….a Nelson’s Sparrow began sounding off nearby, and then another across the road and a little further away. I had been looking for this bird in Montana for 8 years! What a feeling standing in the rain, listening to Sedge Wren and Nelson’s Sparrows singing away. The end of a perfect birthday.

8. Buff-breasted Sandpiper, 21 May 2022, Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge

7. Garganey, 8 May 2022, Yellowstone County

6. Mountain Plover, 7 May 2022, Valley County

5. Chukar, 30 April 2022, Gallatin Valley

4. Lesser Black-backed Gull, 30 April 2022, Freezout Lake WMA

3. Whooper Swan, 9 March 2022, Church Slough, Lower Flathead Valley

2. Long-eared Owl, 19 February 2022, Upper Mission Valley

Long-eared Owl

1. Rusty Blackbird, 16 January 2022, Council Grove State Park

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