Join me here and follow along as I experience the highs and lows, the gets and dips, the searches for vague runts and the trials and tribulations of attempting to see as many avian species as possible in the Great State of Montana in 2022!

  • Midpoint Reflections
    Here I am on June 30th at 280 species. I’ve crossed the Continental Divide 46 times, driven over 30,000 miles and walked over 280 kilometers. Birded in everything from freezing fog and whiteouts to blistering heat. And there is big competition out there in Montana, with another birder now over 300. Summer is here with …

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  • Dickcissel
    Considered rare in the state, this species is a regular breeder in central and Southeastern Montana and can be easy to find…IF you know where to look. Thanks to Dalton Spencer for finding an alfalfa field in Dawson county that was loaded with singing males, along with vast numbers of butterflies feeding on the flowering …

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  • Whooping Crane
    What a blast, and third time is a charm. Whooping Crane has been sporadically reported at Freezout Lake WMA this year, and we’ve stopped there twice before today specifically in hope of finding this bird and the search paid off this morning with spectacular views of this beautiful species foraging in wetland on the Western …

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  • Chestnut-sided Warbler
    A quick trip to Butte after seeing an eBird rare bird alert for Chestnut-sided Warbler gave me my 10th life bird of the year! A big thank you to Carmen Winslow, who I sent a DM and who replied with detailed advice on where to park and the bird’s location. We parked at the Butte …

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  • Blackpoll Warbler
    Thinking that the first of June would be a good off day to catch up on work for Five Valleys Audubon Society and update this blog, I was having a leisurely morning, until I clicked over to my email and saw an eBird rare bird alert. Blackpoll Warbler, found by Travis Brakefield, just 20 minutes …

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  • Northern Parula
    eBird rare bird alert strikes again! We were glassing the Western pond at Benton Lake North of Great Falls for Least Tern when I checked my email and saw a rare bird alert, for NORTHERN PARULA, found by Kyle Strode, at the Nature Park in Helena! A great bird for Montana! Without delay we pointed …

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  • The First Far Eastern Foray and Buff-Breasted Sandpipers
    Spring is on and the local birding has been spectacular, we’re nearing the frenetic peak of arriving migrants and the fields and hills are filled with birdsong and calls as territories are established and mates acquired. On 19 May we made our first foray to the far Northeastern reaches of the state and experienced the …

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  • Two Leks, a MEGA and Gravy
    I’ve just had one of the finest 72 hour periods of birding that I’ve ever had. Two life birds, a mega rarity and incredible views of the Great State of Montana. May 6 When the alarm jolts you out of REM at 03:30 it better be important. And it was. We were scheduled to meet …

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  • May 5: Cattle Egret
    A very good bird for Montana. Thanks to a curious homeowner, Jake Bramante and Dan Casey this bird made it into eBird. Reported later in the day on May 3, I saw the eBird rare bird alert email that evening. I knew that I had to jump to it first thing in the morning. I …

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  • April 7: Curlews and Dunlin, Yellowlegs and a Full House of Geese
    Yesterday was quite the time to be at the West Valley Ponds Northwest of Kalispell…I had driven up early to search for reported Dunlin there, and started at the Westernmost pond, working my way East. A quick scope sweep at the first pond for shorebirds yielded a single Greater Yellowlegs and plenty of Killdeer. I …

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